Voter Information

Your vote is your voice and your power!  Vote in every election, large and small, to be sure that your voice is heard.  The League of Women Voters empowers voters and defends democracy by protecting the right to vote and working to ensure that our elections are free, fair, accessible, and representative of all Americans.
Elections affect every part of our lives, from racial justice and health care to jobs and environmental concerns, and everything in between.  The leaders we vote into office are the people who will make decisions that influence the direction of our community, our state, and our nation, so every election is important and merits your participation.
One of the League’s most important missions is empowering voters with all the information they need in order to vote.  Check our award-winning Vote411 page for nonpartisan information about candidates running for election, how to register to vote in your state, where to vote, and much more.
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